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About Us

Compass Internet Solutions is a niche search engine marketing company. 
We specialize in website optimization, site ranking, web site hosting, web site design, linking strategies, internet marketing strategies, local branding and PPC. As such, we have the ability to focus on each and every one of our clients and provide the best customized web marketing solutions.

Here, at Compass Internet Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to invest in the creative ideas of our staff. This, naturally, is in order to provide our clients with fresh strategies and cutting edge solutions.

We are always pushing the boundaries to find the best ways to optimize and promote our clients’ businesses.


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Our Customers

Our goal is to provide comprehensive internet marketing solutions to our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with each and every one of our clients to develop and deliver a complete online presence and provide creative excellence.

Our innovate process encompasses a two part strategy: increasing and driving new leads to our clients and building a recognizable brand that attracts return customers.

We work hand in hand with our clients to tailor a campaign to their needs and deliver measurable results.

Compass Team

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If you’re looking for a young, dynamic and unique working environment and an interesting diversified position, your place is with us!



Proven experience in SEO


Experience within the internet, Google analytics & keyword research arenas


Excellent English – a must


Experience in social networks – an advantage


Excellent interpersonal skills


Ability to analyze data, full control & experience with Microsoft Office – a must

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